Testimonials – Blurbs and Pitches

I’ve worked with Anne Stormont on a number of projects including two novels and an amazing school collaborative. When we reached the end of Anne’s second novel Displacement, it was time for the dreaded blurb. Only I love blurbs, the dissecting analysis and subsequent exactitude of word choice, the sculpting and honing, the finest of tuning, each draft questioned and improved until . . . perhaps I’ll let Anne herself tell you:

`Writing your novel is the easy part
You’ve written your book. You’ve redrafted many times. You’ve put it through a rigorous professional edit. It’s polished. It’s ready. You consult a professional book designer about the cover and layout.
Then comes the awful moment – the front cover needs a strapline and the back cover needs a blurb. You must condense a novel of 100K words to a six word and two hundred word ‘pitch’. Cue dramatic and scary music – think Jaws or Psycho.
As you may have gathered, I HATE this part of the writing process.anne
Both strapline and blurb must grab the browsing book-buyer by the brain. These two, along with the cover, are the main marketing essentials. So there’s lots of pressure on an author to get them just right.
And that’s where John comes in. Yes, John Hudspith – he doesn’t just work his alchemy on your entire manuscript, he also exercises his powers to hone your blurb and strapline. John takes the pressure off. He suggests a change of word here and there, a possible reorganisation of sentences and, hey presto, you have it – the perfect front and back pitch for attracting readers.
So what are you waiting for?`

Thank you, Anne.
Anne’s novel, Change of Life, is available now on Amazon, in both paperback and e-book.

Her second novel, Displacement, is published April 2014.

Anne blogs at http://annestormont.wordpress.com

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