Testimonials: Screenplays and Query Letters

Tyrolin Puxty: director, author, journalist, actress.

Having already worked with the multitalented Ms Puxty on her novel The Overcast it was exciting to discover another side to Tyrolin’s writing in the form of comedy screenplays.

Tyrolin says,

`John is a gem among stones in the world of editing. Honest and straightforward, John’s skill and experience have opened my eyes, and his suggestions and encouragement have only increased my love of writing. ty

I was inspired to write a comedic screenplay after I appeared in a comedy on Australian TV. Embarrassed to send it to John at first; I had no idea whether my format was correct or if it was even funny enough. 

I was only too happy when John sent through his notes. He ensured that all dialogue read realistically, explained the need to specify visually, and also helped with character and comedic development. 

I consider myself very lucky to have stumbled across John’s services online. Save yourself the monotonous Google search and trust me; John is the editor you need if you are serious about your writing!`

Then there was the query letter,

`I had absolutely no idea where to start with a query letter. There are only so many examples you can take from online before you realise you need a trained eye to tell you exactly where you’re going wrong. My first draft was long, redundant and downright terrible. John promptly rectified this and within a matter of three drafts, he had helped me craft the perfect query letter. He is fast, efficient and taught me the key things that literary agents are looking for in a query, how to capitalise on that and hook the reader. Even though John points out errors and suggests improvements, he ensures that you, as the writer, are still doing the work. To quote CS Lewis: “The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts”. Once again, I am always grateful for John’s help and expertise. He is encouraging, insightful, and fuels my dream. As always, thank you John for everything.`

Tyrolin Puxty. Australia.


Thank you, Tyrolin.


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